How can I import reviews from another review engine?

Migrating your reviews from the previous review platform is essential and with Rivio we want to make it as simple as possible. As there are numerous different services and export options out there, we are continuously working on this feature to cover as many versions possible.

In order to import all your previous reviews under Rivio the quickest, please follow the below simple steps:

  • Go to your previous review engine’s dashboard and export your reviews with the available option provided.
    (In case facing difficulties, definitely try to get in touch with their helpdesk to assist you.)
  • After you successfully exported your reviews, enter Rivio's dashboard and click on Import Reviews, then select the previously exported file.
  • Once the export file is selected, a popup will show up with the result:
    • Successful import - Rivio imports automatically all your previously created reviews with a single-click ,
    • Export file format not yet supported – If your export file is not yet supported by Rivio's import process, we'll be notified thereof by the system and the Rivio dev team will be stepping in to check any hick-ups and resolve these to ensure importing your reviews within 24 hours.

Some reviews can be skipped, if:

  • they are about products that are not available on your shop anymore,
  • or if any is a second review for the same product from the same account,
  • or if you have imported these reviews before.

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