Sending Post-Purchase E-mails on custom platforms

Rivio helps you getting reviews from your customers with Post-Purchase E-mails. A Post-Purchase E-mail is dispatched 10 days after the purchase (by default, can be modified on the dashboard) and asks the customer to write a review about your shop and the product.

Post-Purchase E-mails are one of the most efficient ways to get reviews to your webshop.

Dispatching Post-Purchase E-mails is easy with Rivio. There's an API endpoint which you can call from server-side each time an order is completed, and let Rivio know, that there has been a purchase which should be followed by the email 10 days later.


Post Content-Type: application/json

         "product_name":"Example product",
         "product_category":"Smart phone",
         "product_description":"This is the product description",
         "product_brand":"Example brand",

Note, that the orders property is an array, so you can set more than 1 Post-Purchase E-mail in your request.

The response message will be the following:

         "product_name":"Example product",
         "created_at":"2015-10-18 16:13:16",

Congratulations, you're all set.

Next step is to log into your dashboard, and configure and customize the outgoing email.

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