First steps - moderation settings

How to setup review moderation?

You can select moderation options under "Setup/Moderation settings" on the Dashboard.

Currently, you can choose from 3 options: "Auto-Approval", "Manual", "Per-user".

Auto approval: All incoming reviews become available for the public immediately. Of course right after they appear, you can already Approve, Disapprove or Delete them on the "Reviews" page.

Manual: The reviews will not be shown on your page after they are submitted. You have to moderate each one of them separately (Approve, Disapprove or Delete it) on the "Reviews" page. Once approved, they will appear on your page.

Per-user: With this option, any incoming reviews from new users will be available for the public immediately until the moderation, just like under Auto approval, however, reviews of specific users are automatically Approved or Disapproved, depending on the user's last review moderation. Later you can Approve, Disapprove or Delete them on the "Reviews" page individually.

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