How are reviews collected?

Once a webshop embeds Rivio as its review app, the reviews can be collected in 2 general ways:

1. On-site review submission;

2. Post-Purchase E-mails.

With the first option, every visitor to the site can leave a review to your products if they have valuable inputs or personal experience. Of course using Post-Purchase E-mails is a much more relevant push technique allowing you to get in direct contact your customers after purchase to contribute important insight with respect to the product bought and the service they got on your site.

3. Review Aggregation - The Rivio FusionFilter

Other than the above two methods, Rivio has developed a smart AI based solution (the Rivio FusionFilter) that allows our system to identify and match all products offered within the huge worldwide network of shops using Rivio and then deliver authentic product reviews to the same products within the network. This tool makes review generation much easier and cost-/energy efficient to all webshops using Rivio globally and effectively supports sales growth to all.

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