Premium features

While you most probably start as a freemium user, when arriving to the Plan page on the Dashboard, you'll be able to upgrade to our Premium package also. The page displays the most important feature of both the Starter and Premium packages for your information.

If you don't wish to upgrade yet but might find some features important or would like to try out how they work, you can also select from some key individual features that you might think for a certain monthly fee. We hope this option will provide the freedom necessary to make the best package plan for your needs.

In-review image integration

This very useful addition to RIVIO allows your shoppers to leave reviews with their own images made in order to build more trust, customer involvement and loyalty of existing and new customers.

Social sharing

Your reviews and customer testimonials are easily shared on your social media pages to support promotion and generate traffic.

Shop review badge

Convey trustworthiness of your reviews with a special RIVIO badge that displays numbers of reviews and average score.

Youtube video in reviews

Powerful feature of RIVIO with a very strong infrastructural and software development back-end built up, that allows full multimedia reviews and testimonials to your products which initiates communication on your site, builds trust and dedication but most importantly highly increases site traffic and increases sales.

Google product listing

RIVIO enables your reviews and product ratings to be displayed across Google Shopping and they will be available for Product Listing Ads search that not only differentiates your products across Google results but ensures more qualified traffic through your store.

SEO rich snippets

RIVIO’s reviews and ratings come with structured data markup that enhances Google algorithms better index and understand your content. Accordingly your products and review contents get displayed as Rich Snippets within the search results including stars and summary, resulting in improved product rankings and conversion.


When the customers writes a review for one of your products via post-purchase email, you can send them a coupon code for reward.

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