The Reason Why It Is Important To Have a Quality Power Bank

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As the technology develops today, mobile devices become a more and more important part of our everyday lives. People install many different apps to make their life easier. They also play games on their mobile devices. All of this makes the mobile device battery drain faster than usual and in most cases your mobile device shuts down before the end of the day. It can be quite unpleasant, especially if you have to make an emergency call or you are waiting for someone to call you. So, it is wise to purchase a good power bank which will prolong your battery life and avoid the stressful situations mentioned before. This is exactly what makes the power bank so popular.

Power Banks and their features

We can say that power banks are quite handy devices which help us recharge our phones, tablets, digital cameras, even laptops without AC power plugs and sockets. To illustrate the popularity of power banks today, we have to mention that almost all brands on the market today offer power banks to use with the devices they produce. Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used with the products of other brands.

Simply speaking, the power bank stores energy from the power socket and later it transfers it to the mobile device when needed.

The power banks come in many different sizes and shapes, plus they all have some specific features which makes them stand out of the crowd. You are here to decide which features you really need when you decide to buy a power bank.

What types of power banks are there?

As we have said earlier there are several different types of power banks and each type targets a specific group of people. So, here is a simple list:

  • Universal power banks – comes in different sizes and capacities. The configurations of these power banks can be adjusted according to the device
  • Battery phone case power bank – although very handy, this power bank is not compatible with many devices, so when you change your smart phone, it is possible that you will have to change the power bank too.
  • Solar power bank – as the name says you can charge this power bank using sun light. However, you have to know that these power banks are no the fastest ones on the market.

Charging the Power Bank – How to

There are some important things you have to have in mind when you charge your power bank. Here are some ideas for you.

Your power bank has to be charged too and it is up to you whether you are going to use AC power plugs and sockets or the USB port on your computer.

At the same time the power bank can use the same port for input and output. So, before you use the power bank for the first time make sure to check the user’s manual and check this out.

The time needed to charge the power bank depends on its capacity and charging levels. At the same time most power banks have a built-in LED light which indicates that the power bank is completely charged. When the charging process finishes, it is recommended to unplug the power bank from the socket in order to avoid overcharging and overheating.

Power Bank Buying Tips

If you plan to buy a power bank make sure to take the following points into account.

Generally, power banks are made of Lithium–ion or Lithium-polymer materials. You can be sure that these material will store electric energy in a most efficient way.

Power banks can’t transfer all the energy to your mobile device, so it is always good to calculate a 10% loss of energy when you decide about the capacity of your future power bank. Buying a power bank which has a 80-90% rating is recommended.

There are also some other important things which have to be considered when you are buying a power banks. These are:

  • Capacity
  • Number of output ports
  • Output specifications
  • Digital displays
  • Charging cycle

Paying attention to the charging cycle is essential since it tells you how many time s you can completely charge and recharge the power bank and how long it is able to keep the power when it is not used.

As you can see, all the things we have mentioned above have to be taken into consideration before you make the purchase. With a good quality power bank you will feel much better when you come in a situation to use it.

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