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192.168. 1. 1 is an IP address that belongs to C class of IP address. This IP address is very effective in making any kind of change to your existing router and effectively taking care of the problem that might arise in the future. This IP address has been accepted by ADSL router manufacturers from all over the world as a default IP address for making changes to IP address. This can be a very effective way to change password or SSID name of your router.

How to log into 192.168. 1. 1?

There are a number of ways through which you can access the control panel of your router. But out of all the methods, the most effective method is by using IP address All you have to do is type this IP address that is connected to the router into your browser which will lead you to the settings page. What you will need at this is the to access the control panel by entering the password for your router. There might be an issue in case you do not remember the password, because that is the only way to access your control panel.

As a rule, the location of the password that is set by the sellers is usually: username (case sensitive): administrator Password: administrator. You can first try to login to the control panel through this in case you are not able to recall the password.

In case the above login and password doesn’t work, you can also gain access by following the process below:

IP location is comprised of two sections, in particular, system number and host number. System ID is a system on the Internet, the host number recognizes a host in the network. Additionally, you can easily access control panel effectively by entering your IP address on this site.

What to do in case you have forgotten your modem’s login name and password?

You can easily change the administrator name or password by resetting your modem and putting it back to its default setting. In this way you will also be able to reset the Internet setting of your device.

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