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Star Snippets for Woocommerce

Whiffcraft.ca 4 years ago updated by Nathan Sorochan 4 years ago 7

Hey Folks!
Disappointed to see that "support" is the same for paid and unpaid subscriptions. You might wanna look into that.

That said, I do see a FAQ on how to put the start snippets into a shopify theme - but what I'm not seeing is the reviews in a woocommerce format (which is one of the main reasons I signed for the plan).

So - can we get on that?


Can you please describe us more accurately, what do you mean on star snippet? We have checked your shop, and saw that the stars are visible both on the products listing page, and the product page as well.


Correct, but they are not visible in google's Structured Data Testing Tool.
Therefore, they are not readable by google, as your product claims.

Under review

Hello Nathan, thanks for reaching out.

We are contacting our developers about your problem, i'm going to inform you as soon as possible.

Best, Mike

Ok great, please let me know of an ETA for this advertised feature to be included in the product I'm paying for. If it happens to be longer than a few days, I'd like to know so I can proceed with the switch.

Hello Nathan,

We have made some updates for our plugin, please update it from the plugins menu.

If the update is not detected by Wordpress as default, click on the View details link near Rivio for Woocommerce, that should do the trick.

After the update, Google Rich Snippets should work properly.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us!



And now the stars snippet shows 0 Reviews (when there is actually is some), and still no to the structured data. So it actually made it worse.

Did you QA the update?

Mike, I would like to chat with your customer services department. Please have them contact me. I'd like a refund - this plugin is extremely slow to load, doesn't work as advertised, and has been more trouble that it's worth. I will return to yotpo or reviews.io.