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Apple has tied with Flipkart to sell the iPhone 7 online in India

Subhrojit Mallick
Sep 23, 2016, 24:06 IST
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apple has complete roped in the giant of electronic commerce Flipkart to sell the iPhone 7 and iPhoen 7 Plus online. The phone will be launched in India on 7 October, just in time for the holiday season.

According to the agreement, Flipkart will be the source of the iPhones directly from Apple, unlike before, when Flipkart and all other e-commerce sites had to rely on third-party vendors for the Apple products, as a model of market.

This agreement will allow Flipkart to gain a greater margin in the sale of an iPhone, in comparison with other e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Snapdeal and tastes.
Flipkart now has a new page on your site up to the ridicule of the iPhone 7.

Apple also had a similar agreement with wholeseller Infibeam line from some years ago. But Infibeam is more of a seller in bulk, and with Flipkart, is a first for Apple to tie with a consumer against online retailer.

The key difference between the two bids is that Flipkart now shows up as a "authorised dealer for sale on the Internet or catalog" by Apple in India. This means Flipkart will sell all categories of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Mac and the iPod. Infibeam however, can only sell iPhones and iPads.

The agreement will give you Flipkart a big boost in its fight against India as Amazon Flipkart will receive support for the marketing and stocks directly from Apple. Amazon and the rest of the competition will have to rely on third party distributors and it is hoped the devices will be scarce initially, giving Flipkart the advantage in the festive season.

The association is a victory for Apple also. Will ensure that Apple will not have to suffer as a result of the erosion of prices that occurred with the previous iPhones, due to heavy discounts by online retailers. The agreement would mean that the iPhone 7 is only sold at the price mandate of Apple.

The iPhone 7 launched in India on 7 October prices starting at Rs 60,000 to the Variant 32GB of the iPhone 7, Rs 70,000 to the variant of 64 GB and Rs 80,000 to the variant of 256 GB. The iPhone 7 Plus start from Rs 62,000 to the variant of 64 GB, Rs 72,000 to the variant of 64 GB and Rs 82,000 to the variant of 256 GB.