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Apple, Flipkart in initiating collaboration to sell iPhone 7 in India

by agencies - Published in: Sep 24, 50 views the year 2016

apple iphone 7 flipkart

Bangalore: If you are planning to buy the iPhone newly launched 7, then you have a purchase option in Flipkart.
Apple has been associated with the Flipkart electronic market for selling iPhone in India since 7 October.
This is the first time that Flipkart will be iphones are supplied directly from Apple, unlike before, when used to buy iPhones from sellers from third parties.

buy iphone 7 in india

A new microsite in Flipkart announced that the iPhone 7 will be available shortly.
Apple will launch the iPhone 7 and iPhone plus 7 in India on 7 October.
The prices for the start of the iPhone 7 Rs 60,000 to the variant of 32 GB and van up to Rs 80,000 to the variant of 256 GB. The prices for the iPhone 7 Plus, on the contrary, begin from Rs 72,000 to the variant of 32 GB, and arrive up to Rs 92,000 to the variant of 256 GB.