Stars Only For Grid Pages

devotionvapors 4 years ago updated by Mike Kristof 4 years ago 1

The one you have for the product page itself, I embedded for my product-grid-item.liquid so the stars would appear on collection pages, however it includes unwanted text which is the number of reviews the product has. How could I make it with just the stars alone?



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You can easily do that with a CSS rule: The number of reviews are contained in the class "rivio-stars-widget-label". You can hide this part by adding the following styling to your templates:

In case you'd like to hide this part only on your collection pages, you may specify the collection container's classname, so it only gets hidden when in a collection grid.

.products .rivio-stars-widget-label{display:none;}
You may have to identify the collection wrapper's classname yourself, if you work with the non-default Shopify theme.

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