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Star Snippets for Woocommerce

Whiffcraft.ca 4 years ago updated by Nathan Sorochan 4 years ago 7

Hey Folks!
Disappointed to see that "support" is the same for paid and unpaid subscriptions. You might wanna look into that.

That said, I do see a FAQ on how to put the start snippets into a shopify theme - but what I'm not seeing is the reviews in a woocommerce format (which is one of the main reasons I signed for the plan).

So - can we get on that?


Tubidy Mobile Music

tubidy3 2 years ago 0

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Tubidy mp3 download

cenk 1 year ago 0

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How to remove a product review

justbabywear 3 years ago 0


After installing the app, we did a test review for a test order we had placed.

I would like to delete that review from our store.

Pl. advice on how to do it



Tubidy | Tubidy Mp3

tubidy 4 years ago updated by Karolina Kalinowska 2 years ago 1

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05/11/2016 - 22:24
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Woocommerce - when does the trigger to send email start? Processing, or Completed?

Whiffcraft.ca 4 years ago updated by Nathan Sorochan 4 years ago 2

Processing = after payment
Complete = after shipped

I know it's a number of days, but which is "day 0"?



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