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Star Snippets for Woocommerce

Whiffcraft.ca 1 year ago • updated by Nathan Sorochan 1 year ago 7

Hey Folks!
Disappointed to see that "support" is the same for paid and unpaid subscriptions. You might wanna look into that.

That said, I do see a FAQ on how to put the start snippets into a shopify theme - but what I'm not seeing is the reviews in a woocommerce format (which is one of the main reasons I signed for the plan).

So - can we get on that?


How to remove a product review

justbabywear 11 months ago 0


After installing the app, we did a test review for a test order we had placed.

I would like to delete that review from our store.

Pl. advice on how to do it



Tubidy | Tubidy Mp3

tubidy 1 year ago 0

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05/11/2016 - 22:24
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Woocommerce - when does the trigger to send email start? Processing, or Completed?

Whiffcraft.ca 1 year ago • updated by Nathan Sorochan 1 year ago 2

Processing = after payment
Complete = after shipped

I know it's a number of days, but which is "day 0"?


cancel post purchase mail

Duncan 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 1

How can I stop post purchase emails?


USPS Tracking

ravhemanth3 7 months ago 0
USPS tracking : The United States Postal Service is the most popular government organization offers International Tracking to all its users across the United States with the intention of the users will be able to deliver their shipments to other locations other than the US. ups tracking number Based on the shipment tracking status, you can get a clear picture regarding the delivery date and other essential details about your package or shipment.usps tracking number

Inspirational Quotes, Love Quotes

sunilb 7 months ago 0
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Jio Phone 4g

harshale7 7 months ago 0
Reliance Jio 4G Phone : Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani announced the Launch of INDIA KA SMART Phone Jio 4G at the 40th annual general meeting (AGM) on July 21.The main purpose of this phone is to transfer feature phone users into the smarter device users. It transforms the lives of 50 crore feature phone users.Mukesh Ambani said in his speech VOICE CALL on jio phone 4g will be absolutely FREE. He said before jio phone booking online Jio came in India the data consumption was about 20 crore GB per month but after releasing Jio it was increased to 120 crore GB per month.There is 78 crore phone users, out of this 50 crore feature phone users are not able to afford for Internet or Data usage. Jio phone buy

Why is it that my "approved" reviews don't show on other PCs/handsets?

Mark Gerard 9 months ago • updated by Mike Kristof 9 months ago 2

I wrote and approved some reviews myself for testing. It shows on my laptop where I entered them and on my iPhone but I couldn't see them on my other laptop and my sister's handset. Why does it behave like that? It doesn't even load completely on other PC/handset. It just appears as "Product reviews by Rivio" --> The "You didn't rate this product yet. Write a review" doesn't even appear. It's frustrating. :(


How to Choose a Power Bank of Different Types

Olivia Wallard 10 months ago 0

Charging is something that almost all of us do every day and that’s because we own lots of devices that require recharging. For the most part, lots of use USB wall chargers and it makes sense as most USB chargers have lots of charging ports and they also have powerful charging. With that said, the main flaw with USB chargers is that you have to stay near them and charge your devices and that can be frustrating if you have things to do and places to be. That is why power banks exist.

Power banks are portable chargers that you’re able to take with you anywhere and they’re the fastest growing type of charging electronic that’s currently being used. Power banks are growing not only because you can take them anywhere that you want; it’s also because power banks have many types. The reason for this is because there are lots of charging electronics companies that sell power banks and that leads to a lot of innovation to what portable chargers are able to provide.

So as useful as just any power bank can be, it’s important to know the types that there are so you’re able to better understand what types of portable charger to purchase.

Mini Power banks

Power banks are among the most used types of portable chargers and that’s because of their extremely small sizes and lightweight. The reasons that Mini power banks are so small and light in weight are because they have low power capacities. These low power capacities are able to range from 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh. As a result, they’re so small that they’re able to fit into your pocket or you can hold them in a single hand while you’re charging your smartphone.

With that said, as popular as Mini power banks are, the main flaw that they have is that they lack a lot of power. Since they have low power capacities, it means that they can only charge a smartphone once or twice before it’s fully recharged. Also, these types of chargers only have a single charging port, so you can only charge a single device at a time. However, with newer Mini power banks, the charging speeds of the port that these power banks have is actually quite fast.

High Capacity Power Bank

On the other side of the spectrum of portable chargers, there are high capacity power banks. These type of power banks aren’t used as much as smaller ones, with the main reason being that they have larger sizes and heavier weights. So this type of charger isn’t going to be fitting into your pocket and neither are you able to hold it in a single hand for very long because it’s quite heavy. Instead, for what these high capacity power banks lack with their portability, they’re able to make up for it with the amount of power that they’re able to provide.

Since they have high power capacities, it means that they’re able to charge devices like smartphones, tablets and even laptops many times over. In addition to that, these power bank also have lots of charging ports, and this gives them the ability to charge lots of devices at once. However, the main thing to watch out for with power banks that have lots of ports is that you must know the charging speed of each port before you go ahead and purchase it. The main reason is that you want each of the devices that you’re charging to charge at a good speed.

Rugged Power banks

Just like many electronics, power banks are quite fragile as most of them are not able to survive falls onto the hard ground and neither they waterproof. However, Rugged power banks are the type of chargers that are a lot tougher. That’s because Rugged portable chargers are ones that have lots of reinforcements, and that makes them able to withstand things like drops onto the hard ground; as well as being water resistant.

Power banks that are waterproof have charging port covering and that makes them able to go over ports and make the power bank waterproof. With that said, just because a power bank is waterproof does not mean that it’s able to be immersed into water. The reason for this is because Rugged power banks have Enclosure levels and depending on what the Enclosure levels of power banks are, the charger is able to take jets of water or it can be immersed.

For the most part, Rugged power banks have been marketed towards people that are in the outdoors a lot and it makes sense. With that said, Rugged power banks are just as useful if you’re using them as everyday portable chargers. The main reason for that is because threats such as dropping the power bank or getting water on it are just as prevalent.

Built-in Cable Power Banks

Charging cables are needed for every charging electronic that we use. Even Wireless chargers require charging cables for being powered on. However, a power bank is one of the most important charging electronics to always have a charging cable with and that’s because there are times when you can forget your charging cable at home. If that happens, then you’re stuck with a useless piece of portable power.

That is why there are power banks have had their own charging cables built right into the power bank. The benefit of this is that the power bank is always reliable and ready to use because the cable installed directly into the power bank. Another reason that these type of power banks are reliable is because there are lots of different types of them.

Power banks with built-in cables are able to have just a single built-in cable, all the way to having two built-in cables, a USB port and also a way to recharge the power bank such as an AC Adapter or a USB cable.

Source: http://www.groundreport.com/most-helpful-type-of-charging-electronics/