I wrote a review but it doesn't show. Why?

Mike Kristof 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1
I wrote a review on a product a few days ago, and my review was shown no problem. Now when I go back, it's not in the list. Where did it go?
Under review
There can be multiple reasons how this can happen

1. You didn't verify your email when submitting a review, and/or deleted your cookies
If you left a review and logged in with your email, you need to verify your email. You can do this by clicking on the link in the verification email Reevio sends you. Before you'd do that, the review will show only and exclusively for you, noone else. It will get a verification pending label. If you delete your cookies, or restart your computer, the review might disappear. That doesn't mean it got deleted, it just means that it is waiting for verification.

2. The shop owner deleted your review
Shop owners can delete reviews written by their customers. Reevio has a strict policy on deleting reviews, but it allows the deletion for style/quality reasons.

3. Your review was flagged inappropriate/offensive
In this case, your review will be hidden for others, or for you if you're logged out.

Try logging in Reevio under the product you wrote your review about, and if you still don't see your review, possibly it was deleted by the shop owner. If you think your review shouldn't have been removed, let us know.